What is The Best Way to Clean Carpet?

What is The Best Way to Clean Carpet?

What Is The Best Way To Clean Carpet?

One of the important parts of keeping the household clean is keeping all the rugs and carpets clean. We all know most of the dirt and dust inside a house is not visible but they live inside rugs and carpets. We should clean all the rugs and carpets regularly but what is the best way to clean carpet?

This article will help you to try out the best way to clean a carpet step by step. Carpet Cleaning in Tacoma has more helpful ideas and everything that you need to know about keeping your carpets clean.

Not all carpets are similar. Some carpets are easier to clean and some need special care while cleaning because of its unique material. Carpets are made from fabrics and materials such as- wool, nylon, polyester, etc.

Here are some basic steps to clean all kinds of carpets in general:

Best Way To Clean Carpet
  1. Vacuum the dirt

    – Before washing or cleaning a carpet stain, it is important to vacuum out the dirt. Vacuuming the dirt out will make it easier for you to remove stains and clean it further.

  2. Treat the stains

    – If you find stains on your carpet, find out what stain it is and treat it accordingly. If the stain is light you can easily wipe it off with water and lemon juice solution. If the stain is a stubborn one like a coffee stain or oil, you can use the hydrogen peroxide solution to get rid of the stain.

  3. Dry clean

    – After treating the stains, use the dry cleaning method for overall cleaning. Apply dry powder all over the carpet, leave it on for 30 minutes and then vacuum it again to clean the powder. Dry cleaning helps the carpet to prevent distortion and shrinking of fibers.

  4. Dusting

    – Last but not the least, you might not want to dry clean or vacuum your carpets every now and then. In that case, dust your carpets every day to keep it clean. Dusting every day will prevent the carpet from collecting and absorbing dirt.

  5. Brushing 

    – You may have carpets that have long thick fibers, for example – fluffy carpets or carpets made of fur. You can clean these carpets using a normal carpet hand brush. Dirt and particles get stuck to carpets with long fibers, so it is important to brush out the excess dirt using the hand brush.

Keeping the carpets clean and tidy is as important as keeping our clothes clean. Sometimes people ruin their carpets by treating them badly and some do not know how to clean them properly.

These 5 steps are good enough to follow if you wonder ‘What is the best way to clean carpet?’ Also, it is important to figure out which type of carpet you are using before cleaning it the right way.

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