How To Deep Clean Carpet?

How To Deep Clean Carpet?

How To Deep Clean Carpet

If you use carpets, it is important to keep all of them clean and tidy. Dirty carpets can be harmful to health and environment hence we should try to deep clean them once in a while.

In this article, I am going to talk about some of the ways of deep cleaning carpets. To know more about how to deep clean carpet you can check out Carpet Cleaning Tacoma.

What Is The Difference Between Normal Cleaning And Deep Cleaning Carpets?

You might wonder if deep cleaning carpet means regular cleaning which people do every now and then. But no, deep cleaning is not exactly the same as the normal cleaning. Deep cleaning carpet is a much more thorough process of cleaning the carpet and making it look all new and fresh.

Before I mention the steps to deep clean a carpet, you should know that you can use both machines or clean the carpet by yourself. If you use machines, you need to know the proper way of using it without ruining or harming the carpet.

Here are some steps how To deep clean a carpet:

Some way deep clean carpet
  1. Vacuum the carpet:

    – Before deep cleaning the carpet you should always get rid of the excess loose dirt by vacuuming. This will help to wash or clean the carpet easily and you don’t have to pick dirt particles during the process.

  2. Treat the stains:

    – After vacuuming, treat the stubborn stains with baking soda or lemon water solution. You can use the vinegar solution as well. Stubborn stains are hard to clean hence it’s better to fix it before you get to the main cleaning process.

  3. Use carpet cleaning solution

    – If you have a carpet cleaner, spray it all over the carpet and leave it on for a few minutes. If you want to deep clean you should let the carpet absorb the cleaning solution. If you don’t have a cleaning solution, you can use the vinegar and water solution and spray it all over.

  4. Scrape the liquid off

    – After leaving the cleaner on for a few minutes, sprinkle water all over and use a scraping squeegee to scrape off the excess water. Make sure the squeegee is rubber-edged or it might harm your carpet. You need to remove the liquid completely.

  5. Let it dry

    – After removing the excess water from the carpet, let the carpet dry. Put it under a fan to dry out. Sunlight is also great for carpets to dry out very quickly.

  6. Vacuum the carpet again

    – After the carpets dry out, you can see loose fibers and particles on the carpet. When your carpet is completely dry, vacuum it again to remove fibers and loose particles.

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Try To Deep Clean Your Carpet:

Keep In Mind Before You Try To Deep Clean Your Carpet
  • Do not scrub or brush your carpet while cleaning as it might be harmful and ruin the carpet.
  • If you use machines, do not use a rotating brush on Berber carpets.
  • Machines are not suitable for all kinds of carpets.
  • Test the carpet cleaners on different pieces of rug to make sure they are suitable.
  • Remember that different carpets are made of different materials and the way you treat them may vary.
  • Create your stain solutions correctly with the right amount of ingredients.

To conclude, I hope the points that I have mentioned above are good enough for you to know how to deep clean carpet. These are the easiest steps to deep clean your carpets at home. Try it out following the steps correctly to make your carpets look fresh and clean!             

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