How to Clean Berber Carpet?

How to Clean Berber Carpet?

How to Clean Berber Carpet

The best thing about Berber carpets is that the strong fibers keep it clean from inside. The surface of the Berber carpet is also stain-resisting and does not let the stain get in easily. Though there are many pros of this carpet, we still need to keep it clean. In this article, I am going to talk about how to clean Berber carpet and keep it good for a longer period.


Berber carpets are durable and easy to get rid of stains as the strong fibers stop the stains and dirt from sinking inside. A barber carpet can last up to 10 years if we can take care of it properly.


A lot of people don’t know that Berber carpets are not the same as regular carpets. People end up cleaning the Berber carpets in the same way they clean regular carpets. Even though Berber carpets are easier to clean, treating them the same was as other carpets can ruin the carpet quality for example- rotating brushes are not good for the fabric of Berber carpets.

Here are some steps to keep it clean:

Clean Berber Carpet
  • Use water to remove stains

    – If there is any stain or dirt on your Berber carpet, you can easily get rid of it by rubbing the area with cold water. You can use the lemon water solution as well by making a mixture of lemon juice with water and using a spray bottle.

  • Using vacuum cleaner

    – Vacuum cleaning your carpet once a while is very important to keep it away from dust and dirt. Sometimes we do not see how much dirt and dust are absorbed inside a carpet which can be harmful to our health. Vacuuming will keep the carpet clean and safe. Keep in mind that you should not use the brush while vacuuming, brushing can ruin the Berber carpet.

  • Dry cleaning

    – Dry cleaning is also important to keep the carpets clean. However, we need to vacuum the carpet first before dry cleaning it. Dry cleaning is a method where you put a dry powder into the carpet. After applying the powder, leave it on for half an hour at least and then vacuum again to get all the powder out of the carpet.

  • Dusting

    – Last but not the least, regular dusting is a must to keep your barber carpets free from dirt. Not only Berber carpets, every carpet needs regular dusting.

It is important to make sure that everything inside our house is clean. People sometimes leave the rugs and carpets alone for a long time not realizing how dirty they get. Regular cleaning is a must to breathe good air.

I hope this article helps those who use Berber carpets and looking forward to knowing how to clean Berber carpet. In case you need more help, Carpet Cleaners Tacoma will help you learn more about proper ways of keeping your carpets clean and tidy.

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