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Tacoma Carpet Cleaners Pro believes in cleanliness and tidiness to ensure a comfortable and secure life. A dirty and grimy environment results in an unhappy mind and unfit body. If you are either unhappy or bored, you can’t make your life productive. For this reason, cleaning has become a compulsory and utmost factor along with the other parts of life.

Sometimes we hire experts for cleaning purposes and complete the tasks over the surface level. Cleaning only the surface level doesn’t ensure your home is completely germ-free. It is not the exact solution against dirt or dust. Stop becoming their victim again! Do you want a long-lasting output? If yes, then you have to hire a certified or company authorized technician for getting the best output.

We have a professional and authorized technician team that can tackle any challenges regarding the cleaning arena. We’ll remove every single pet stains and odor from the carpet. The client is our essential asset and royal part of our cleaning services business. We follow the no-compromise policy on the quality issue and client satisfaction is our prime priority.


Pet Odor Removal

We love our pets, but we don’t love pet stains on our carpet
Mr. Chloe
Mr. Chloe@iamchloe
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We had our floor cleaned by these professionals, and I can’t tell you the big noticeable difference in our living space.
Mr. Michael
Mr. Michael@michael
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Excellent, courteous service!!!!!! Carpet turned out brand new again. I am pleased with the result. Recommended
Mr. Sophie
Mr. Sophie@sophieawesome
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This is a professional carpet cleaning company that knows exactly what to do when it comes to cleaning your carpeting

Long-Lasting Pet Carpet Cleaners Tacoma

Do you own any pets? If you do, you know sometimes they can create a lot of mess in the home. Tackling this mess can be tough, unless you have us! Indeed, removing pet odor or stain is not a simple chore. Fortunately, there is no need for you to take up this challenge. Leave that to us, the Experts! We’ll clean your pet’s mess professionally within no time!

Sometimes we buy pet’s stain removal spray or cream. It is not the perfect solution. In Carpet Cleaners Tacoma, we offer a long-lasting carpet cleaning facility in Tacoma at a fair cost. We are Tacoma based carpet cleaning service providers and own an expert cleaning unit.

Cat or dog odor on the carpet makes us uncomfortable and uneasy. Sometimes we may even get sick. On the other hand, everybody wants a perfectly clean and safe home. Considering this issue, we emphasize on our prioritized cleaning service according to your total limitations. Our expert and skilled team members will erase every single stain or odor from the carpet. When you call us, it becomes our duty to make your house 100% clean and germ-free!

Tacoma Carpet Cleaner Pro is a reliable and trusted cleaning company based on Tacoma. Excellent cleaning efficiency, dedicated staff, and top quality services are what sets Carpet Cleaning Tacoma apart from its competitors. Our staff strives hard and fast to give a long-lasting output.
We’re always happy to work with you and keep your home clean for you at a minimal cost. Get in touch with our customer support and get a free quote right now!

Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are the hardest to clean. But not if you order our service. We pride in our professional carpet cleaning service all over Tacoma.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs can easily get stains, dirt as well as allergens. A dirty rug can contain hundreds of germs that are enough to make you & your family sick. Contact our support to make your rug completely germ-free!

Floor Cleaning

Scrubbing floors can be very hard and time-consuming. Why do it yourself when you can just ask our professional team to do that?

Tile Cleaning

Sands & grit can dull the surface of the tile within no time. If you observe your tiles are getting darker and duller, just ask our team to have a quick look and fix it!

Upholstery Cleaning

Along with cleaning carpets and rugs, it is also very important to take care of your upholstery. No need to worry when you can just order our service!

Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning is complicated and requires a lot of stuff for a full-fledged cleaning. You don’t need to worry about collecting the supplies, we’ll arrange everything for you!

Carpet Cleaning Specialists Proudly Serving Tacoma, WA

Carpet Cleaning is not a simple job, though we thoroughly enjoy it. Carpet Cleaning Tacoma has a long-lasting experience in this platform. Carpet Cleaners Tacoma has well-trained and passionate employees for cleaning carpet. We have chosen our talented team by completing some heuristic procedures like written tests, practical working observations, and completing a long training. We make the team efficient and skillful in the cleaning arena for providing you with the best output.

We have maintained the cleaning quality from the initiation of our firm and follow the no-compromise strategy for quality output. We are glad to disclose that a lion share of our client comes from the prior client reference. Carpet Cleaners Tacoma is highly reputed for its quality cleaning services in today’s competitive market.

We Proudly Serve

Carpet Cleaning Tacoma, WA

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Tacoma Carpet Cleaners Pro is a reliable and friendly carpet cleaning firm that prioritizes client needs and desires with the best outcome. If any task fails to satisfy you, we’ll provide unlimited revisions according to your wish until you smile. Client satisfaction is what our company strives for.

At the very beginning, Tacoma Carpet Cleaners provide a top-level carpet cleaning co-operation according to the client’s desires. Each client is a valuable asset to us. Our professional and skilled staff always considers and works for individual clients with a quality cleaning service. Just say what you need and we’re ready to undertake your project.

We have owned a professional and passionate carpet cleaning team that proudly serves all over Tacoma. Compared to other cleaning services in the area, we charge less and offer higher-quality cleaning services. Tacoma Carpet Cleaners aims to keep your house safe and clean at the most cost-effective price.

Residential Carpet Cleaning | Commercial Carpet Cleaning |Green Carpet Cleaning in Tacoma

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is something that can change the appearance of your home magically. However, carpets and rugs collect dirt and bacteria from shoes and pets. Tacoma Carpet Cleaners has been providing exceptional residential carpet cleaning services for more than 10 years. If you want to clean your resident carpet with an expert’s help, contact our team without hesitation.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in commercial spaces like offices, hotels, conference rooms, hallways, and reception areas collect lots of stain and dirt in a short time due to the vast traffic. The color starts to fade due to heavy dust, dirt, and allergens. To resolve this issue, you need to take the help of a proper commercial carpet cleaning service provider. Carpet Cleaning Tacoma is available in Tacoma for providing an excellent commercial carpet cleaning service.

Green Carpet Cleaning

Tacoma Carpet Cleaners provide comprehensive green carpet cleaning service in the respective area. We are here to give you a healthy household and a sustainable ambiance. Furthermore, we’re one of the most dependable and perfect green carpet cleaning solution partners all over Tacoma.

Carpet Cleaning Before and After Photos

Below you can see some results of our carpet and sofa cleaning services


Spot & Stain Removal | Odor Removal | Pet Urine Removal

Spot & Stain Removal

Spots & Stains are something that we can’t say goodbye. If you’re living in a home with kids & pets then there will be spots & stains sooner or later. But that doesn’t mean we can’t tackle this problem. If your home is suffering from spots & stains, meet our professional team. Our experienced staff is capable of cleaning hard spots and stains from your carpet, rug, mattress, upholstery, or floor. To ensure quality service, we use advanced technological tools. We apply world-class branded liquid and detergents to flawlessly remove any spot and stain.

Odor Removal

Nothing can be worse than a bad odor. It can even make us sick! Even with the help of expensive sprays, sometimes it can get quite tough to get rid of bad odor. Moreover, bad odor usually builds up and gets stronger with time. So, you need to tackle it as soon as possible. Carpet Cleaners Tacoma renders a robust odor removal solution. We effectively remove odor from the deepest corner of your carpets. Our mission is to deliver you an environmentally secure and pet-friendly cleaning service at a cost-effective range.

Pet Urine Removal

We all love pets. But dealing with pet urine is something nobody wants to do. It is so terrible when a pet’s urine smell is lingering in your home. If this happens to you, it is the perfect time to seek professional assistance. Carpet Cleaner Tacoma specializes in removing pet’s urine from all types of carpets. Only we guarantee a permanent solution against the pet urine. Our magical solution will not only clear the urine stain, it will also remove any type of bad odor.

We Take Care of Everything

Carpet Cleaners Tacoma

Keeping Your House Clean Is Our Ultimate Target

At Carpet Cleaning Tacoma, we know the importance of a clean home and the impact of a clean environment. Carpet Cleaning Tacoma surely understands the needs and demands of every individual client. Our professionals can make your home shining clean and fully germ-free. Our branded cleaning liquids and detergents can get rid of deadly bacteria and viruses.

We only pick and hire staff who are self-passionate and devoted to giving you a cleaner home with absolute excellency. Whether you want to clean your house or office, you can trust our service without any doubt. We are Tacoma carpet cleaners professionals and vow to clean your house flawlessly. Compared to the competitors, we provide a much more reliable and faster cleaning service at a reasonable price.

A clean house impresses & dazzles your mind and makes you innovative to do something special. Carpet Cleaners Tacoma highly specializes in house cleaning services including tile, floor, rug, upholstery, and mattress cleaning. Stop worrying and put the burden on our shoulders. Tacoma Carpet Cleaners professional team is with you and ready to take the challenge of making your house cleaner & healthier. Whether your carpet is stained or reeks odor of pet urine, just contact our customer support and our team will be on the way to help you out!

Best Carpet Cleaning in

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We Offer The Best Carpet Cleaning In Tacoma

best carpet cleaning in Tacoma

Cleaning carpets is not easy. Many may think only spraying with a detergent or liquid solution may do the job, but that cannot be further than the truth. We, professionals in carpet cleaning service do the job differently. We clean the carpets in such a way that the bad odor won’t return after a few days of cleaning. This commitment of ours makes our service much more cost-effective for the clients.

Carpet cleaners Tacoma is exceptional and known in the carpet cleaning field. We’ll start cleaning your resident according to your desire so that you are 100% pleased with our service. To check out our superb quality carpet cleaning service, booking is mandatory. You can book our service via online or contact form. Carpet Cleaners Tacoma is usually transparent in financial factors. We disclose our service rate at the booking time.

Many people consider carpet cleaning as a rough and tough job. That is actually right! You’ll need a professional service provider to deal with dirty carpets. Efficiency is mandatory for cleaning carpets. Carpet Cleaners Tacoma is your trustworthy and reliable source for solving this dilemma.

Tacoma Carpet Cleaners Pro is a leading firm that renders world-class carpet cleaning service in Tacoma, WA. If you find yourself in a difficult situation regarding dirty carpets, contact our professionals as soon as possible. We’ll send our professional carpet cleaner team after receiving your confirmation.